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Five Gears generates strong reviews

The latest Syncopaths CD, "Five Gears", captures vibrant snapshots of the ongoing creative evolution that began when mandolinist Ashley Broder joined the band in the summer of 2009.

"On their new album, Five Gears, The Syncopaths are tapping into a chamber folk world of complex, choppy rhythms and instrument virtuosity that has propelled bands like Crooked Still to the top of the folk charts. It's a great sound and they wear it well." says Hearth Music reviewer Devon Léger. "... They're a helluva band to try and imitate and I doubt anyone could do justice to their virtuosic tunes." To read the Hearth Music review in PDF format, click here.

The Irish Herald says, "Though they may not have the international acclaim of the likes of Solas or the Chieftains, make no mistake, the Syncopaths are nothing short of a Celtic Supergroup." To read the entire Irish Herald profile, click here.

Rough Around the Edges established the Syncopaths' reputation

The Syncopaths' first CD "Rough Around the Edges" was recorded live at dances in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in January 2005, and released in June of the same year.
"The title is an apology that need not be given," said Irish Herald reviewer Dave Soyars. "... such is the energy of the band that even the mistakes are engaging." He goes on to call the Syncopaths " of Southern California's premier contra dance bands ..." and sums up the CD and the band as being "... an excellent, and never boring, jam band." To read the Irish Herald review in PDF format, click here.

Folkworks had this to say about the new CD: "... it is a LIVE ! You can feel the energy of the dancers feeding off the band, and the band feeding off the dancers. The result is a driving album of dance tunes that make you want to, well, stand up and dance!" To read the Folkworks review in PDF format, click here.

The Country Dance and Song Society said "The high quality of the musicianship on this live recording direct from California will strike you right away." Rough Around The Edges "...stretches the boundaries melodically and also keeps a steady beat going for those who want to dance (and you might not be able to keep still)." To read the complete CDSS review in PDF format, click here.

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